Ultrahigh Gain High Speed Photodetector

SKYASTAR‘s ultrahigh gain photodetectors are designed for diverse applications such as optical waveform measurements with gain up to 1×105 V/W, which integrate photodiode and low-noise linear amplifier with operating frequency range from DC to 18 GHz and rise time as short as 20 ps. The photodetectors are available in the wavelength range from 300nm to 1700nm. The design using photodiode and low noise linear amplifier directly connected to a short range micro-strip line not only reduce the additional noise of the photodetector but also improve the dynamic range. In addition, the photodetectors not only provide fast photoelectric response, but also reduce pulse ringing and can be used directly by customers without additional amplifiers.

SKYASTAR‘s ultrahigh gain photodetectors are available in two types of package. One is the device in 6-pin hermetic butterfly, the other is module with the aluminum alloy structure design. To ensure that the modules are stable for long term operation, we also offer photodetectors with TEC that can operate at temperatures from -40°C to +70°C.

Special requirements will be customized, for more information, please feel free to contact with us.