Analog Optical Module

Radio over Fiber (RoF) is an analog transmission that uses RF signals to modulate light which is transmitted over a fiber-optic cable. At the receiving end, the RF energy is recovered. The optical link provides a high bandwidth, low-loss communications link to transport RF energy at optical frequencies, then the RF signal is recovered for use at the load point. Two technologies with tremendous impact have been wireless and fiber-optic communications. Linking these two technologies is RF over fiber (RoF) also referred to as RoF. RoF technology has been widely used in applications of avionics, distributed antenna, cellular, satellite communications,etc.

   SKYASTAR is a global leading solution and service provider of innovative RoF optical transmitter and receiver. SKYASTAR‘S RF over fiber products have an ultra broadband frequency range of DC-40GHz, and high-performance fiber optic links of 1 meter to 60km or more. A wide range of high-dynamic-range (HDR)applications are supported, such as inter-and intra-facility links, antenna signal distribution, broadband delay lines, site diversity systems and much more.



40GHz ATR:




MT06(small size):




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