Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser

SKYASTAR‘s DN14 series is a 14PIN high performance narrow linewidth laser. Its design is based on DFB integrated chip technology, which emits narrow linewidth light directly from the chip without any external cavity. Compared with external cavity lasers, DN14 series are lower cost, simpler structure and more reliable. DN14 series has two types: O type is the standard 14PIN definition with power monitor; T type is specifically with frequency locker, which can well control the current of the two output photodiodes can obtain the precise frequency.

SKYASTAR‘s MN14 series is an optical module based on the above devices with simple operation and can be powered by +5V and -5V.The DN14 series and MN14 series are ideal laser sources for a variety of commercial and other applications such as fiber optic sensors, FMCW LIDAR, coherent communications, etc. The lasers are available in 1550nm TDM and ITU-T C-band wavelengths and output power options. The following pictures show test curves with a test line width of 34kHz and RIN -163dB/Hz.

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