Analog Optical Device

SKYASTAR’s analog optical devices feature high performance and high reliability, which have various laser diodes and photodetectors for different applications.

Analog laser diodes include DT01 series with 7PIN butterfly package, DT14 series with 14PIN butterfly package, DT07 series with 7PIN cooled coaxial package,and DT04 series with 4PIN uncooled coaxial package. The DT01 series and DT14 series are good at thermal release, which are suitable for wide operating temperature range; The DT04 series and DT07 series are compact size and lower power consumption, which are suitable for hybrid integration.

Analog photodetectors include DR03 series with 3PIN coaxial package and DR02 series with 2PIN box package. DR02 series are suitable for high speed application.

For applications required a very compact size, coaxial package conveniently, DT04 series, DT07 series and DR03 series with FPC and fixture are an ideal choice.

Special requirements will be customized, for more information, please feel free to contact with us.