9kHz~6GHz USB Microwave Signal Generator

9kHz~6GHz wide Frequency range
Output power up to+10dBm,Power range up to 60dB
Ultra low frequency resolution 5Hz
Manual or software control via USB
Multidevices share one operating terminal
Powered by phone charger or power bank

10MHz~20GHz Benchtop Microwave Signal Generator

10MHz~20GHz wide frequency range
1μHz ultra low frequency resolution
Output power up to +20dBm@9GHz
Support external or internal 20 ns fast frequency sweep (without ALC)
Support external or internal 20 ns narrow pulse modulation
Auto level control (ALC) with closed loop

Microwave Multichannel ATS

Support up to 40GHz
Support single channel or multi-channel(2,4,8,16,32)
4 Channel parallel test
USB remote control
Customization upon request

Special requirements will be customized, for more information, please feel free to contact with us.