10Gbps SFP+

10G SFP+

25Gbps SFP28

40Gbps QSFP+

100Gbps QSFP28


SKYASTAR digital optical module includes 10Gbps SFP+,25Gbps SFP28 ,40Gbps QSFP+,100G bps QSFP28 .Optical module is widely used in optical communication network, which can be used in Datacom,wireless communication.etc

SFP optical module Support 10Gbps,25Gbps,50Gbps,100Gbps
QSFP optical module Support 40Gbps,100Gbps,200Gbps
QSFP-DD optical module Support 400Gbps,800Gbps
Compatible with Ethernet and IB network
It can satisfy the application of 100m, 2km, 10km and 40km simultaneous interpreting distances.
Optical interface forms include LC, MPO, etc
Supports commercial and industrial temperature ranges

Special requirements will be customized, for more information, please feel free to contact with us.