A multi-channel, multi rate, high-performance and high-quality bit error rate analyzer can be used in optical transceiver test, high-speed backplane test, optical device test, etc。

Data rate: 1.25 ~ 14.025Gbps & 25 ~ 28Gbps
Support PRBS7/9/10/11/15/23/31and customization mode
Independent or combined configuration of plug-in modules is supported
Support up to 16 channel 28gbps and 24 channel 14gbps BER Test

Optical Multichannel ATS

Adopt 2x4 architecture to support 2x 4 channels test boards.(2pcs 100Gbps QSFP28, etc.)
With temperature test point auto switching
Support parallel auto test
Support test item modularization and add randomly
User friendly, easy to operate
Used for optical device and module auto test

Special requirements will be customized, for more information, please feel free to contact with us.