Microwave ATS

Microwave Multichannel ATSSupport up to 40GHzSupport single channel or multi-channel(2,4,8,16,32)4 channel parallel testUSB remote controlCustomized upon request9kHz~6GHz USB Microwave Signal Generator9kHz~6GHz wide frequency rangeOutput power up to +10dBm5Hz low frequency resolutionManual or software control via USBMultidevices share one operating terminalPowered by phone charger or power bank10MHz~20GHz微波信号发生器10MHz~20GHz宽频率范围1μHz超低频分辨率输出功率高达+20dBm@9GHz支持外部或内部20ns快速扫频(无ALC)通过USB进行手动或软件控制支持外部或内部20ns窄脉冲调制闭环自动高度控制(ALC)

Optical ATS

Optical Multichannel ATS FeaturesAdopt 2×4 architecture to support 2×4 channels test boards.(2pcs 100Gbps QSFP28,etc.)With temperature test point auto switchingSupport parallel auto testSupport test item modularizationUser-friendly,easy to operateUsed for optical device and module test 14Gbps & 28Gbps Multichannel BERT Features:Data rate:1.25~14.025Gbps and 25~28GbpsSupport PRBS7/9/10/11/15/23/31 and custom patternsJitter(RMS):600fs(typical)@27.95GbpsSupport plug-in module independent or combinative configurationSupport up to 16…